Magic Tricks to Turn Your Apartments in Houston into a Bigger Flat

Money is a big factor and is the driving forces being major life decision. If you have decided to stay in compact apartments in Houston and is worried how you are going to manage in this small place, we are here to guide you make the perfect apartment to a dream nest. If you have live with your in-laws and children and have nothing but only a two BHK apartment in Houston we are going to help you turn your two into a three bedroom with these tricks-

  • Materials which reflect back like glass and mirrors can always give a magical effect. Installing mirrors are the perfect solution, but you cannot go covering the walls with mirrors. Instead, you can opt for glass center table tops for the living area and for the dinning area you can choose glass table tops. Glass window and door panes can be of great utility.  It need not be transparent if you do not like. Colored glass also reflects light and can be used to make your home look bright and colorful. Chose shiny colors for furniture which reflects light.
  • Think vertically – using more of the height of the apartment than the floor space. This helps you save on the space. Have huge wardrobe covering the whole height of the apartment almost touching the ceilings. It might be difficult to reach the upper levels of the wardrobe, but you can use them for items which are needed once in a while. While these are for the furniture of the room other ideas of vertical illusion can be created by using longer curtains and drapes for the doors and windows
  • Designing the bedroom is one crucial area- the bedroom is an important place to relax, rewind after the tiring day. Make the bedroom airy and big. Opt for low lying bed. This gives you great distance from the ceiling thus not making you feel claustrophobic.
  • Use furniture pieces which have more than one use- bed with storage is essential and so in sofa cum bed. Sofa during the day bed at night is best for guest at home. Foldable tables and folding chairs do not have more than one use, but they can hide without taking much space.
  • Break the wall- walls makes a room look smaller. Instead of the wall using sling doors or curtains to differentiate rooms. This way the room looks bigger and create a better feeling.

These magic tricks make your apartments in Houston look spacious then you though it was.

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